Why you should put your old stash to use...

A challenge to use your scrapbook stash

Are you the same as me? You have a stash of paper the size of a mountain? Enough packets of flowers that you'll never need to darken a scrapbook shop again? Stamps, dies, stencils and embellishments to fill a warehouse? Uh huh! To be honest, I think that's a huge part of the fun of scrapbooking. Collecting all the pretties! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, unless you don't use it!!!!!

So this month I've created a kit which uses some pretty old 'stash' to show you how you can use this old product and make it look as beautiful as the day you brought it.

And I want to take you a step further.... I want to encourage you to go take another look in your stash (a real look!) and create a project with something you find at the bottom of that pile of paper.

I know that we all buy stuff that we love so much that we 'have' to save it for something special. But what I would love to remind you is that today is special! Today is never coming back and you are not in your life's dress rehearsal. Today is where it's at and so is that stunning piece of paper you've just brought! And here are a few reasons why....

1. When you go back to find that 'special' piece of paper, your tastes may (will) have changed. You probably won't feel the same way about that piece of paper. And what will happen then? Will you still use it? Or will it get tossed in the bin or given away? 

If you use it when you buy it, then you will create a legacy that will last longer than you! You won't care and your family sure won't mind that your special piece of paper was used for 'x' page. In fact they will be grateful that it was used and the memory was kept! I promise!

2.  Your style will change between now and when you find that special paper again. You may not like the style of the paper in a few months, it may not suit the way you scrapbook now vs then. But if you use it today. In the time of the style it was brought, then it will be easy to use and you'll love what you've made!

3.  The colour palettes you like now may change. And as in point two, you may find it hard to use this very special piece of paper now that you don't like those colours anymore. 

I know there are a billion reasons why you should use the paper you just brought. But I want to challenge you a little more.... How does this next paragraph sit with you?

By recognising that today is special and worthy of this special piece of paper, it will change the way you look at this moment, this day. You will live each day with a different way of thinking. You will treat this day specially. You will value yourself more knowing that you are worthy of this special paper. Because YOU ARE! You won't wait for the special moment/s to come. You will create them each day.

Hmmmmm, that might be a little hard to get your head around. It was and is for me! I know that there are plenty of times that I don't value myself enough. That I don't think I'm worthy of that special piece of paper or whatever else we might be talking about. But we really are! So, my challenge to you is to find that special piece of paper that you put aside a year ago (or maybe 5 years ago - eeeek), and use it. Find a photo of yourself maybe, and start there. 

I dare ya! 

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