Moldable plastic beads - make your own embellishments


Are you looking for a fun way to make your own embellishments? Something that is cost effective, quick and easy?

This moldable plastic is the most fun and exciting thing I've found to play with in quite a while!

All you need are some plastic beads (get them right here!), a mold, a spoon/skewer and a cup of boiling water.

How does it work? 

* Tip the boiling water into a cup (approx half a cup will do).

* Add some special moldable beads

* Wait for them to change colour so they are clear (a few seconds)

* Use the spoon/skewer to take some out

* Use your fingers to push into the mold you're using

* Once slightly hardened remove from mold

* Repeat to make more!

By heating the plastic, it becomes pliable and easy to manipulate. You need hot/boiling water, so ensure after making about 8-10 pieces (depending on how quick you are), you reheat the jug and use new boiling water.

The best part is that if you've used too many beads, just wait for them to set, put the lump back in the packet and reuse next time you are making embellishments. NO WASTAGE! 

What can I make with these cool moldable plastic beads? Anything you can mold plastic into. Cake decorating molds are a great idea as they are readily available and a good size for crafting.

This product, is strong, has no strange chemical smell when in use, and once made into an embellishment can be used white, or easily change it's colour by adding gilding wax, gesso, glitter, or any number of other ideas.

Sold in 10gm packets, the price includes shipping anywhere in NZ via NZ post for up to 4 packets of plastic beads, more than this will incur additional postage charges. Overseas parcels may also incur additional charges.

Photos below give an indication of how many items you can make with 10gms of beads.

Photos also show samples which have been coloured with metallic gilding wax.

Note: these beads are not bad for the environment as they are being used on your crafting creations. However, do not empty beads down the sink.

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