Q: What do you suggest should be included in my 'standard tool kit'?

A: Trimmer, scissors, craft knife, pencil, rubber, ruler, water pen, distressing tool, awl, a variety of adhesives including foam tape.

Optional additions (those items that are used in a lot of projects, but not necessarily all of them): scoring tool, corner rounder.

Q: What adhesive do you suggest I use?

A: There is a wide variety of adhesives which work in different ways. Here's a list of my current favourites (although this changes as I discover new products). It is by no means a comprehensive list, just my personal favourites.

Helmar 450 quick dry liquid glue - good for EVERYTHING.

Helmar photo splits: good for paper.

Foam tape - any brand as long as it sticks! Comes in a variety of widths and heights. I have a wide range on hand at any one time.

Glossy Accents: A good glue with a thin nozzle. Great for gluing and/or for creating really glossy embellishments.

Tattered Angels Detail Glue: This glue is wonderful for those intricate pieces you normally have trouble adhering. You can even buy a smaller metal tip which makes the line of glue even thinner. Love it.

Double sided tape: there is a wide variety available and I use whatever comes to hand. Great for 'tacking' pieces together before glued permanently. And/or as an adhesive in it's own right.

Q: We love your kits, how do we buy one?

A: This is an new website, but as it grows, kits will be available here on a frequent basis. I currently release a new kit the 1st of each month.

 Q: We want to attend one of your classes, how can we?

A: I have a list of upcoming classes in the main menu. Hopefully you can attend one of those. If not, and you'd like me to come to your area, just flick me an email: trina.mcclune@gmail.com and we'll see what we can arrange.

Q: What is the recipe for the amazing ginger crunch you make us?

A: Here is the link. I found this recipe after trying some "Oaty Ginger Crunch" at a cafe and deciding it was the best tasting ginger crunch ever and I needed to make some myself. After googling, this recipe came up and it is so good. Give it a go!

Q: Do you send kits internationally?

A: Yes, absolutely! To send to Australia is usually only around $15 NZD (depending on how many kits are sent and how heavy each kit is). But TMD also sends kits to other international destinations as well. TMD is happy to give quotes for each individual order.